Insurances Accepted

Our Insurance In-network name is Freedom Medical and Mobility (dba Medi Mart). If you are contacting your insurance company to inquire our in-network status, use the name Freedom Medical and Mobility.                     

We accept insurance when possible, but we reserve the right to accept insurance for any covered item on a case by case basis. Not all products are covered by insurance. All insurance covered products require a valid prescription, a current copy of the insurance i.d. card, the members first and last name, address linked to insurance card, date of birth and contact number. P.O. boxes are not accepted. We must have that information to validate all insurance related information.

Additional information may be required like certain measurements, height and weight etc,  and depending on the covered product selected, clinical notes from your healthcare provider may be required as well.

Insurance companies have strict guidelines for medical necessity for covered products. Also, some insurance companies require us to obtain a Prior Authorization or Pre-approval which can take from 48 hours to 2 weeks and cannot be done on weekends or major holidays.

Providing a prescription and demographic information does not guaranty coverage. The members diagnose(s) has to establish medical necessity for any item and depending on the item there may be more requirements by the insurance company. They dictate policy and price, we have to abide by that. 

Please call us to inquire about any insurance related questions during our business hours (Mon-Fri) 9 AM to 3 PM EST. (877) 397-8287 or local (609) 443 - 7400.

Thank you.