About Us

Brick and Mortar is what we are. Ground up is where we started,  in a very small store with a very tight budget.  In three years we moved to a much larger store and busier location. Today, we are still growing thanks to our loyal customers, word of mouth and referral sources.

We are Freedom Medical and Mobility dba (Doing Business As) Medi Mart. The reason for a different name is simple, Our store sign would be too small if we used Freedom Medical and Mobility, so we came up with dba Medi Mart!  But we still love the word "Freedom" in our business because that's what we believe everybody should have! We have over 25 years experience in the industry, so there's not much left that we don't know. 

Our store Motto is "Try Before You Buy"! because in most Product Categories in our industry there are many options, features, sizes, weights and styles to consider that often times people are unaware of. We help you avoid, "Should've, Could've, Would've". 

The internet and large department stores don't always have everything! For example, can they do Diabetic Shoe Fittings? Can they measure and fit a woman for Post Mastectomy Products? Will they tell you that there are many styles of Wheelchairs, Rollators or Transport chairs that have many different sizes, weights and options? 

Most importantly, can they accept insurance? or tell you if the product is covered by insurance, and do all the paperwork? That's exactly why we have a retail store and specialize in these areas, because Goliath can't compete! 

We accept most insurances for covered items! We also do all the paperwork! 

We are keen on educating our customers, answering all their questions, and offering them choices. 

We can research, find and special order any product you may need, we have done it many times, and in many circumstances, and have gotten it approved by insurance! How many companies can do that?! 

Thank you for reading "About Us".

Our phone number is (609) 443-7400 and our website is www.medi-mart.org Our e-mail address is www.medimart@verizon.net. Our Fax number is: (877) 395 - 0861.